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Selling A Home In Central Oregon | Tips & FAQ

If you are like most homeowners then you have probably wondered about the best time of year to sell a home. Conventional wisdom advises that Summer is the most active time of year for buyers. Kids are out of school, the weather is nice & there are always more sales during the Summer…

Sounds logical to me but there is more to selling a home than just home shoppers having nice weather and open schedules… What if you aren’t in a position to sell during the Summer months and what about market cycles (national & local).

  • Since conventional thinking drives many homeowners to wait until Spring & Summer to list their home, the inventory for home shoppers is less in the winter months which means less competition.
  • Listing in the months of December, January, February and March gives sellers the very best chance to sell above list price according to Redfin Real Estate Website. Find your homes value here!
  • If you goal is to sell quickly, Redfin suggests you list during the month of February because 66% of homes listed in February sell within 90 days of being listed.
  • Local market factors definitely play a roll when deciding when may be the best time to sell a home and it is important to work with a agent who understands them. For example, according to Paul Stone, an agent with Redfin’s Denver office, many large corporations in his area transfer employees and hire new ones early in the year creating opportunities for wintertime sellers who opt not to wait for spring. Central Oregon carries its own unique set of market drivers, heavy nightly vacation rental activity during the Summer months limiting the ability for showings is just one example.

Experts make clear that selling a home during the Winter months does not give homeowners a huge statistical advantage (in days on market or price) over selling their home during the Summer months but perhaps more importantly also point out that there is no advantage in selling a home during the Summer. If you need to sell your home, contact a agent who is thoughtful and can help guide you through the current market cycle. Accurate, well priced listings with appealing photos are the best way to attract buyers in a timely fashion for the right price.

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