Wood Floors, A Need To Know…

Wood Flooring FAQ

Homes in the Sunriver area have many different types of flooring. From Carpet, Tile, Laminate/Linoleum, to a wide variety of wood flooring options. Hard wood floors are considered by most to be a superior choice in flooring when it comes to the life expectancy and luxurious feel they exhibit. However, not all wood floors are the same in terms of quality and look. Below is a brief of different types of hardwood flooring and some of the characteristics to keep in mind when considering hard wood flooring.

Solid Hard Wood Flooring-The very best of the best, unparalleled (when installed correctly) in durability and look when maintained properly. Solid hard wood floors are like a living organism with in a home… The organic nature of a solid hard wood flooring cause shrinking and expanding with the moisture increases and decreases of the seasons. It is natural, and for this reason you want to find a experienced and skilled installer to work on your floors. Using a skilled installer may increase the price of your project and investment, but will pay off dividends in the long run.

Engineered Wood Flooring-Often times the very best compromise between quality, look and feel, durability and price. Engineered wood flooring is composed of one to three layers of hardwood, on top of a soft wood core. Although not completely solid wood, engineered wood floors can be sanded and refinished at least once, and as many as five times. In addition to a nice balance of quality and feel, engineered wood floors boast a large number of styles, colors, etc… A good quality engineered wood floor can last up to 100 years!

Other types of wood flooring include facaded wood flooring or wood laminate. These facaded wood floors are the least expensive of all, but durability and lifetime are sacraficed. Laminate is often times a nice option if you plan on renting out a home and you are expecting some fairly heavy ware and tear.

Many consider wood flooring to be a investment as much as a purchase…When you consider how some wood floors can last one hundred years or more and can help add value to ones home, it is easy to see why wood flooring is viewed in such a fashion. In a area like Sunriver where nature is such a large part of the landscape, its no wonder homeowners choose to bring the natural feel inside without compromising quality, warmth, or luxury.


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