What Makes A Good Investment / Rental Property In Bend Oregon…

Good Investment / Rental Property In Bend, Oregon

A client asked me this question the other day and after interviewing a few different parties and doing some digging into the question here is some of the information found…

  • Be on the “Westside” of Bend.
  • Right now the rental market is hot period. There are numerous reasons for this, chief among them being the high number of foreclosures and short sales occurring. This has in turn displaced numerous home owners.
  • Your decision to buy a property needs to hinge upon the numbers making sense with no emotion involved.
  • 1,200 to 1,300 Sq Ft homes are a dime a dozen within the Bend housing market, look for homes over 1,500 Sq Ft and larger.
  • Fenced backyard
  • Nice Sized Backyard
  • Pet Friendly
  • Near to schools or downtown (The Westside fosters this nicely because of the Community College, Downtown, and nearby Primary and Secondary Ed schools).
  • A place that feels like home, or has a homey feeling.
  • Attract long term renters. Most of the variables above would help achieve this.
  • Develop a nice relationship with a property manager. If you have a viable rental property and get to know your property manager they may be quicker to fill your property’s vacancy.

Please let me know if you have a desire for more specific or general information regarding investment properties in Central Oregon or Bend.

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