Second Homes & Vacation Rental Property – The Beauty of Owning Real Estate In Sunriver

Sunriver Investment Property Ownership (part 1) – The essentials in general…

Sunriver is a special and unique place in many different ways. Miles of bike paths, two award winning golf courses, great food, the Deschutes River, Pine Trees, sunshine, etc… all in a quiet family setting. Needless to say owning Sunriver real estate can be a great investment. If you plan on using it as a nightly vacation rental to defray the mortgage payment, there are a few things to keep in mind.

When looking for a vacation rental or real estate in any area, you need to consider whether or not the area has a built in clientele and infrastructure to handle that clientele. Sunriver meets both of those requirements. In general, Sunriver is a resort area that attracts numerous different market segments. For example, families, golfers, corporate conventions and retreats, skiers, fisherman, and outdoor enthusiast alike. Lots of folks come to the area year after year which makes the Sunriver location popular. With a clientele built up over 30 or 40 years it is a viable area to own vacation rental property. Regarding infrastructure, Sunriver again delivers strong. The bike paths, 4,500 plus home sites, Sunriver police department, fire department, paramedics (EMS), grocery stores, gas stations, built iSunriver Fire Department Trainingn sewer and water, strong owners association, nearby Bend Oregon, Highway 97 to deliver the masses to and from the area, etc… One more piece to the infrastructure pie is the property management companies that exist in the sunriver area, of which 5 to 10 exist. They can help you manage the maintenance of your Sunriver property while supplying a steady stream of vacationers. Choose from these companies wisely, do some research into which of the companies will be the best fit to your situation. Someone from the property management company should devote ample time to you, explaining the different variables and answering any questions you have. There is much more that goes into making a wise decision when purchasing vacation property in Sunriver, stay tuned for part 2 coming soon…

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