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*Updated 11-21-2017; If you are familiar with Berkshire Hathaway you are familiar with the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet and his philanthropic nature but you may not be familiar with Bert Waugh Jr, Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate and his work with Transitional Youth. Based out of Portland, Transitional Youth works to help young people move from homelessness to community.

“Of the accomplishments in my life, the one I’m most proud of is Transitional Youth. My wife Susy and I started Transitional Youth in 1991 as a means to support homeless children. Although we had a distant dream of ultimately providing these youth with homes of their own, we initiated assistance through financial and material contributions to other local youth programs. Every year our scope of contributions increases. People and businesses want to help us out. After many years of forging ahead with outreach, activities and donations, in January of 2005 we realized a long-held dream and opened the doors of our first home. Our plans include more homes and transitional apartments.” -Bert E. Waugh Jr

Every Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate agent is encouraged to get involved with Transitional Youth & even have the ability to donate a portion of their commission checks directly to the cause. Bert has reached out to me personally after every contribution I’ve made (small as they are) to say thank you and share positive news about the organization. The desire to contribute & help support Transitional Youth is made easy by watching the level of dedication & commitment Bert, alongside Suzy & together with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate display.

Bert’s recent note & updates help give further insight in to Trasnitional Youths work and development…

“I presented Transitional Youth to the  Greater Clark County Rotary a couple of months ago and attached you can see the deck that they re-built this month on a Friday and Saturday at the ranch. It turned out to be a wonderful blessing to both the boys at the ranch and the Rotary Team.

Last month the Kruse Way Rotary in Lake Oswego, painted the inside of the Beaverton House. The boys in the house painted along side the Rotary Team and it looks fantastic.

A big thank you to the Rotary Community and to you for supporting Transitional Youth and helping us transform lives.” -Bert E. Waugh Jr

“We had a wonderful June, with our 25th Transitional Youth Dinner and James graduating from the Ritz Family Ranch. James is a real miracle story in that he should be in prison but for a wonderful Judge, Robin  the director at the Ranch and Transitional Youth James is now graduated and heading into his next phase.

We are now full at both the Ranch and the Beaverton House and trying to figure out the next expansion phase. We have two additional goals for this year and that is to open a girls house and open a coffee shop. The team is working hard on both of these fronts.

Transitional Youth’s Golf Tournament is coming up September 26th at The Reserves.  If you know of anyone that would like to join us please let them know.  I have attached the registration forms.

Thank you again for supporting Transitional Youth and allowing us to transform young lives.” – Bert E. Waugh Jr

“Hard to believe that only a month and a half left in 2016. All of us at Transitional Youth can’t thank you enough for coming along side TY and helping us transform young lives.

Transitional Youth has one more big event this year and that is Michael Allen Harrisons Holiday Christmas Show at the Old Church. We again this year are bringing back the dinner before the show and attached is the information on that. We would love to have you join us.

Working hard on opening the Braking Cycles Coffee and Bike Shop in January or February and excited about the opportunity to have a social enterprise and mentoring and working opportunity for the youth.

Once again we will be hosting Thanksgiving Dinner at the Crystal Ballroom for over 100 youth this year.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving” – Bert E. Waugh Jr 11-14-2016

We just found out today that the City of Portland has approved our permits for the Braking Cycles Coffee and Bike Shop. Our hope now is to have the shop open by the middle of March. When the Coffee Shop opens up please stop by for a cup of coffee.  The address is 3354 NE 33rd and Powell. You will see the penny floor.

I was asked to take a look at a girls house this week, so will be investigating that possibility in the next few months. The female populations has taken a big jump over the last few years.

Thank you again for helping Transitional Youth transform young lives.” –Bert E. Waugh Jr 2-10-2017

Vida’s Ark the girls house is in full swing and doing really well. We received our final city approval on the Braking Cycles Coffee and Bike Shop and are now doing a soft opening. The Grand Opening will be December 16th. It is located at 33and SE Powell and please stop by for a great cup of coffee.

Michael Allen Harrisons Christmas and Holiday Show starts on December 13th and this first show benefits Transitional Youth.

We will be hosting over 100 street youth Thanksgiving Evening at the Crystal Ballroom and that is always a blessed time.

Thank you again for helping to make Transitional Youth possible and allowing Transitional Youth to transform so many young men and women.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. Bert E. Waugh Jr 11-16-2017

Thank you for your time & interest!

Bert Waugh Jr | Transitional Youth

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