The Village at Sunriver Remodel Progress Video…

Work Continues On The Village At Sunriver, video taken March 11th, 2011. The video is shot from where the old building #5 stood or the East side of the village facing West-near Beaver Drive.   


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  1. Lucas says:

    Thesa,I believe they want a suecussfcl project too. It’s just that we differ on the definition. If you look at their other town center projects I do believe you will see one major difference. Most of those projects are adjacent to ski resorts. Sunriver is not one of those. Look at it this way, if you and your family like Sunriver as a destination, it probably also means you like the outdoors, you are physically active, you want to get away from the hustle, you like to hike,bike,fish,play golf,tennis etc. You want a more rural atmosphere. You are not going to get any of those things by staying in some condo where there are 99 other condos in the center of some Alpish looking town square.As to your statement about Silverstar being the great communicators, I think you will find the opposite to be true if you really look at it. Go to the Sunriver scene website and you will see that the editor’s have posted an article saying otherwise. Also if you go to Silverstar’s own website on the subject you will see that they have never updated it. i.e no new information on their generous proposal Ask yourself why. Look at the date they chose to have the big meeting with SROA. It was December. Ask any developer what the best month is to slide some questionable project passed homeowners and they will answer December. No one is around.Something else I don’t understand. This idea that we need this project to stay competitive in the Central Oregon resort market. Hogwash I say. When people come to Sunriver they don’t come to wonder a village mall. They come to do all those things I mentioned in the prvious paragraph. We do not need a t-shirt shop and 100 more condominiums to keep our edge. We need a beautiful river in a gorgeous setting that you can visit and enjoy in the sun soaked summer or our wonderful winters. You need bike paths and pools golf courses and tennis courts. Throw in a lovely lodge an airport and Voila! you have heaven.I love Sunriver. I have been coming here for 33 years. I know the mall is blighted. They built out too much retail. The owners of the mall didn’t care I hear. I am just sad to think that this only way we think we can improve. I’ll probably keep my home here if this comes to pass. I couldn’t imagine any place I’d like better. I’ll just go out Cottonwood and head into Bend to do my shopping. Goody’s is there too now.

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