The Sunriver Owners Association Thanks The Homeowners Of Sunriver

Sunriver News – The SROA Says “Thank You!”

After a very hotly contested and drawn out debate about the development of the amphitheatre the vote is finally in! 68.7% of voters voted in favor of the ballot measure, approving the measure. 3,392 ballots were counted, the Sunriver Owners Association claims that is the highest vote turnout ever in SROA history! Wow!

The debate was so important for some really good reasons…

  • The outcome of the vote has great impact upon most Sunriver Bussiness’ in some shape, form. Both negative and positive.
  • Mavericks fitness center was not built all that long ago and in someways is similar to the coming development.
  • Sunriver Homeowners will be assessed a special asessment of $4,395.
  • Home buyers in the Sunriver area will need to be aware of this in order to make a informed decision.
  • The larger Sunriver Community will see residual benefits of the addition… IE Increased Value/Appeal of Sunriver=Better Real Estate Value=More Interest in the Area=More People=More Business=Growth!

Click here to see PDF file of the SROA’s thank you message to its owners…

Click here to visit the SROA’s website page dedicated to FAQ ‘s about the development…

Click here to learn how the new SHARC center will affect Sunriver, OR real estate…

Give me a call or shoot me a email if you have any questions regarding the planned and approved development. Email: Call: 541-639-7760

Update Visit: to view pictures and videos of the new Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center (SHARC)

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