Sunriver Village Remodel Update

The Village at Sunriver – Progress Update…

Residents, visitors, and homeowners alike are all anxious to see what the Sunriver Village will look like once all of the construction and changes are completed. On family vacations as youngsters who couldn’t drive yet, my brother and I always enjoyed riding our bikes down to the village and picking up a new package of baseball cards, maybe a magazine, and just enjoying the sense of freedom we felt being able to go somewhere without our parents. Of course our folks would often times ride or drive down and meet my brother and I for a sunny outdoor lunch, or a evening treat at Goodies Ice Cream Shop. As the years went by, baseball cards turned into music Cd’s, but no matter how our interest changed, we always enjoyed spending a little time in the Village. The record store is gone, the baseball cards store has long sense closed, but our affinity for the Village remained with a hope that village owners would one day invest in the village and bring more businesses back to Sunriver. After much time passing and only seeing the potential of what could be, the current village ownership seems to be seeing the Sunriver Villages potential too. The village has changed hands a few times over the past 5 to 10 years and the redesign concept was a topic of much debate and passion. The current concept being executed today within the village remains more in line with the village of the past and has shy-ed away from the concept of creating a ski village with real estate towers and hotels etc… Like a Whistler or Vail Village. However, much time and resource is being invested to account for the evolution of Sunriver, its logistical needs, design, and the wants of it’s visitors. The result will hopefully turn into another valuable asset to Sunriver, helping to further the distance between Sunriver and other resort areas within Central Oregon. New buildings are being built, new spaces developed, recreation opportunities created. The result of which will leave The Village at Sunriver updated, appealing, comfortable, and more functional than its former self, built in 1978.

See below for pictures chronicleing the latest stages of the remodel progress. Work is being performed on a new building that will house a real estate and title company where old building #5 stood. Also being worked on are the renovation of the country store, Beaver Dr. parking lot, as well as various signage and landscaping updates.

Work on the Village at Sunriver continues...


Rainy day of construction work at the village

Once the current phase of the remodel is complete, another building will be demolished and one built in its place in another location.

Projects already completed are the village ice rink pavilion, refacing and re-branding of retail row, revamping of refuge areas, landscaping of village courtyard, and a expansion and remodel of the building housing Bottoms Up Bar & Grill.  

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