Sunriver Real Estate Market Observations By An Active Professional Real Estate Broker

Real Estate in Sunriver – Observed Sunriver Market Trends, Sprinkled With a Bit of Commentary…

A lot of my day to day activity is filled with looking at real estate listings in Sunriver, speaking with Sunriver Homeowners, and analyzing the National, Central Oregon, and Sunriver real estate markets to try and gain as much insight as possible for my clients. In doing so, trends appear (and disappear for that matter) that are telling, or at least interesting. In attempt to keep the tone of this blog post light, readable, interesting, and hopefully even mildly entertaining, I’ve bullet pointed some patterns and common occurrences.

  • If you are a seller, update! Stainless steel is huge right now. Buyers are like moth to a flame when they see stainless steel.
  • Granite, similar to stainless steel. To boot, prices have come way down on Granite counter-tops.
  • Home sales have elevated year over year, yet values continue to decline.
  • Although Sunriver home values continue to decline, the free fall has stopped. Great News!
  • There are a huge amount of Sunriver homes that are just way overpriced. It is what it is, I guess.
  • There are a lot of homes for sale within Sunriver that are very appropriately priced! Buyers, take note.
  • The amount of homes sold vs. the amount of appropriately priced homes is still a negative ratio. Meaning, even though home sales are up in Sunriver, there are not enough buyers (yet) to gobble them up and foster a positive movement in value for Sunriver real estate overall.
  • Interest rates don’t seem to have a dramatic impact upon buyers. In my opinion, they should be chief among a buyers concerns, but often times they are not.
  • The train tracks (east of Sunriver proper) are more of a turnoff to real estate agents in Sunriver and Bend, than they are to the buyers. What a shame, agents in the area are creating a artificial market and a terribly negative stigma at the same time.
  • There are some smoking deals out there right now, if you would like a list of them, please let me know.
  • Real estate listings often times exchange hands from agent to agent, and office to office. It is not uncommon whatsoever.
  • A lot of full time residents in Sunriver Oregon truly enjoy the quiet and serene setting that the North End of Sunriver offers.
  • Whether a visitor to Sunriver, second homeowner, or full time resident, passion abounds for Sunriver in general. It’s neat to see and watch.
  • Generally, from people I speak to, the sentiment for The Village at Sunriver’s remodel is very positive.
  • Real Estate Agents have either a old way of thinking or a current and progressive way of thinking, when it comes to real estate dealings. Choose an agent who is current and progressive, you will benefit, and secure a better deal.
  • The SROA Amphitheatre and pool site is a hot button issue for all who have interest, with passionate arguments on both sides of the dialogue.
  • Visitors are very interested in the flow rider machine out a Mavericks fitness center and Mavericks fitness center in general. Vacation homeowners take note, it is a nice option to have for guests of your home.
  • Prospective Sunriver homeowners are almost always shocked in a really good way when they hear what the SROA (HOA’s) dues are in Sunriver and what they go for.

I’m probably missing some areas in this post. However, I’m planning future installments of my observations to round it out. These came to me from off the top of my head and a few of the observations may require further explanation. If you have a question or a comment, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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