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Building a house in Sunriver is a dream for a lot of people. I’ve chatted with Sunriver homeowners, visitors & real estate brokers alike who all have desire to build their Sunriver dream home and recently a few clients have come to me asking about land for sale in Sunriver and what my take on the market is… If you have ever wondered about Sunriver lots and their values please read my analysis below which stems from that very question.

Buildable Lots Currently For Sale in Sunriver Oregon

Sunriver Rail Road Tracks

Sunriver Rail Road Tracks

From strictly an investment standpoint the listings on Rocky Mt (currently off market), Mt Rose and Rager Mtn are very interesting… More specifically, considering historic Sunriver land prices run at approx 300k on average the lots would be worth picking up and setting on until the land market in Sunriver is finished solidifying itself (in 2-3 years) and then sell, move up to a more desirable location or just sell for a profit. Of those three, Mt Rose and Rocky Mtn are steals because moving forward in to the future they will not have a direct association with being near the tracks like they and Rager Mtn may have now. In my opinion those lots are being given away… Check out the attachment below, “04-06 sold” which shows all sold land in Sunriver from between 2004-2006. The 300k average sale price is interesting but also note the sale from September 2005 on Summit Ln which is right near the train tracks for 245k.

Other nice values and interesting listings may be the lot on 4 Gray Birch (currently off market)… It is inside of a community in Sunriver called Championship Estates and is listed well below historic values for that area… Setting on the lot for a few years and then building, selling or upgrading may make a lot of sense from a value and investment standpoint as the Sunriver market continues to come around.

The lot on Yellow Pine may be the most central to the resorts geographical center but does back to Beaver, at least it is priced competitively and again would make for a solid investment…

3 Gannet is on the North end of the resort in a awesome location near the river… The current seller paid 130k for it back in December 15′ and must have been thinking what I’m thinking & seeing to come back on to the market 6 months later at nearly 40k more (still undervalued in my opinion)…

Statistical breakdowns and supporting information

04-06 Sold CMA Sunriver Bare Land | Sunriver Bare Lots Stat Graph Chart | Sunriver Land Listing Detail as of 7/15/16

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