Central Oregon Real Estate – Sunriver Short Sales – A Brief Need to Know

Sunriver Short Sales – A Brief Need to Know

What to be aware of when buying or selling a Short Sale… Short Sales are readily available in most markets’; the same is true when talking about Central Oregon. The amount of time it takes to close on a home in a short sale situation dwarfs conventional closings. One reason for the lag could be the multiple parties involved in closings. The offer is submitted to the borrower or the homeowner for review and consideration. If the offer is accepted, the offer moves to the bank for bank approval. The process will most likely slow down a bit at this phase of the short sale process. The banks do not do this on purpose, more accurately the banks did not have near the man power needed to deal with the first (huge) waves of short sales and bank owned properties at the downturn of the overall economy. Some of that original overflow of work load has slowed a bit for the banks, some remains. In short sale situations buyers lose security over the contract/deal and this causes added stress for them. Stressful closings are the worst! Other issues that complicate a short sale closing are if the seller has taken out a second loan on their home. The second loan and bank will need to be satisfied as well as the loan bank holding first position. Often times this satisfaction is not visited until the late stages of closing… if the second bank cannot be satisfied by what little residual remain from the short sale than the deal will not go through at all. In today’s Sunriver housing market the short sale process is happening more than one might think and it is very possible to navigate a short sale to a successful close.

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Here is a additional commentary from a colleague of mine on short sales and some of the hurdles you face in attempting to buy one…

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