Real Estate In Sunriver – The Right Side Of The Tracks

8 Reasons To Own Real Estate In Sunriver Near The Train Tracks

Sunriver Rail Road Tracks - Near North End of Resort

Choo Choo, all aboard the Sunriver real estate express… When it comes to real estate in Sunriver, near the train tracks, a lot of upside exists! I’ve personally spoken to quite a few individuals that live in Sunriver or are interested in buying homes in Sunriver and they have a positive feeling about living near the railroad tracks. Some homeowners and prospective buyers have even expressed a desire or preference to live close to the tracks as opposed to near some of the busier roads that wind through Sunriver’s 3,300 plus acres. So without further delay, here are the top 8 reasons to own real estate in Sunriver near the train tracks…

  1. Homeowners whom already live near the tracks report having seen Barnum and Bailey Circus Train Cars roll through Central Oregon! You dont have the oppurtunity to see that every day. 
  2. Worried about some noise? The tracks are continuous (or silent) and you don’t hear the click clack click clack
  3. It often represents the best value (deal) and most affordable real estate in beautiful Sunriver, Oregon.
  4. Nostalgic, reminds folks of a simpler time. Some people find the sound of a train soothing taking them back to memories of childhood.
  5. If you have interest in trains or are a train hobbyist, it’s prime real estate.
  6. Trains come through 4-6 times a day verses a busy road where traffic is constant.
  7. The train whistle doesn’t blow! The only time the whistle blows is if something is on the tracks, such as wild life and children. So grab your camera and go take a look, you might find a great photo oppurtunity.
  8. Trains and their cargo are a good pulse of the economy. What you see on the train, such as lumber, oil tankers, new car’s, equipment, etc… can be telling.


Sunriver Tracks - Picture Taken on a Nice Spring Day, Facing North

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4 Responses to Real Estate In Sunriver – The Right Side Of The Tracks

  1. Kyle – you are so right – I don’t know how many times a Sunriver buyer claims they don’t want to be on the tracks but then buy up against Beaver or something like that – you bring some valid points. Nicely done!

  2. jeremy s says:

    I would have to disagree. I am currently staying in SR with the tracks about 100 feet from the backdoor. The train passes about six times a day, most in the middle of the night, and sounds like an jet airplane is about to pass through the windows. Both the adults and the kids have been woken out of sound sleeps every night. So if nostalgia or circus cars are more important than sleep, these are the places for you.

    (Sun River Real Estate wouldn’t be a bit biased would they?)

    • Hi Jeremy, thanks for the feedback on your visit to Sunriver and experience staying in a nightly vacation rental near the Sunriver rail road tracks. Would you mind sharing which road that you were on specifically and the age of the home in which you were staying? I’m trying to build a realistic frame of reference for people who are wondering…

      Thanks in advance for your help and thanks again for your comment!

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