Sunriver Real Estate Activity Makes For Hot Summer 2016

The Sunriver home market is currently among the most active in all of Central Oregon & recent trends combined with national market factors promise Sunriver real estate a HOT Summer 2016′

Sunriver is a investment or secondary home market and it’s value recovery following the housing collapse (like most secondary markets) has lagged behind more traditional residential real estate markets. More specifically, Sunriver has not enjoyed a rapid value appreciation like the more traditional residential markets of Bend and Portland have seen.

Sunriver is a little deceiving though… Market momentum has been steadily building by way of increased sales, a slimming inventory and decreasing days on market for the last 4-5 years and yet the appreciation has been slow to come…

A turning point in the market… Over the last 6-12 months (Aug 15′-May 16′) Sunriver, OR | BikesSunriver again experienced increased sales but now, appreciation has begun to take hold. Well maintained homes in nice locations with functional floor plans and nice upgrades sell quickly for upwards of $250 per sqft. More specifically, our average price per square foot has risen above $200 per square foot with a high of $267 and low of $153. The first 5 months of 2016 registered 56 home sales, up 14% from the previous year (15′) and a mark not matched since before the collapse in 2006. The market is historically strong but the value hasn’t caught up… OPPURTUNITY!

Sunriver has done a lot to position itself as the most appealing resort locale in all of Central Oregon with the ability to appeal to numerous subsets of visitors and residences. Widening of hwy 97, SHARC infrastructure, area improvements IE Benham falls to Lava Lands multi use bike path; Village Remodel, soon to be ranger/visitor station at the base of the Cascade Lakes Highway, investment in airport runway to accommodate larger corporate jets the list goes on and on…

My family loves the area, feel it is poised to move strongly in to the future and I would love to help you meet your Sunriver objectives when the time is right for you and your family. My Mom and Dad each practice real estate in Sunriver for Berkshire Hathaway and own a home here. My wife and I live in Bend where we are in the process of purchasing a home and building a family. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional information.

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