Part 4 – Buying Real Estate In Sunriver, Or Real Estate In General

Things to Consider When Purchasing Sunriver Homes

There are many issues to evaluate when considering a Sunriver home purchase including what you can afford, what kind of loan best suits you, the property itself and once you find your dream house, how much you are willing to pay for it… This 5 part series will address these topics and more!

What Style of Housing Meets Your Needs?

Houses still have the greatest appeal and are a good option for individuals who want a place for the kids and/or animals to be able to run and play, for those who love to garden and create their own landscaping masterpiece, and for people who want a little elbow room between themselves and their neighbors. Houses come in all shapes and sizes: rambler, two-story, split level, modern, traditional, Victorian, Colonial, one room cabins, large mansions or estates. Newer homes located in housing developments will generally have a Homeowners’ Association with wide-ranging dues/fees to cover community property expenses, bylaws and covenants, and enforcement practices; whereas, older homes or homes in more rural areas may or may not have any such associations.

Condominiums are frequently a good choice for individuals who prefer to live in an urban setting, people who travel extensively, and those who don’t want the responsibility of maintaining a yard. Condominiums come in all sizes, ranging from apartment size to spaces that can exceed the size of an average house. Condominiums will most certainly have an association established to levy fees for building and grounds maintenance. When considering any condominium it is critical to review not only the by-laws and covenants prior to purchase, but also relevant financial documents to ensure that enough funds are in reserve to address future expenses and to prevent buying into an organization’s mismanagement or poor planning.

Vacation properties and homes are often sought out in the mountains or near water access. While mountain locations provide easy access to outdoor activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing in winter and hiking, biking in summer, homes near water provide for a wealth of summer activities involving swimming, boating, waterskiing and beachcombing. These properties can range from a parcel of unimproved land or a plot with a small cabin and just enough amenities to meet basic needs, to a large, fully modernized home suitable for year-round living.

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