Part 3 – Buying A Home In Sunriver, Or A Home Anywhere For That Matter

Things to Consider When Purchasing Sunriver Real Estate

There are many issues to evaluate when considering a Sunriver home purchase including what you can afford, what kind of loan best suits you, the property itself and once you find your dream house, how much you are willing to pay for it… This 5 part series will address these topics and more!

Where Do You Want to Live?

Once you have decided how much you can afford, then you must consider which areas to target for your property search that will both meet your budget constraints and are conducive to your lifestyle. Where do you wish to live: in the city with all of its hustle and bustle, in family-oriented suburbs, in the quiet countryside or perhaps in the mountains? Do you want to be close enough to walk, bike or ride the bus to your favorite destinations, or is a longer drive an acceptable cost to living further away from services? Are high quality school districts important to you either because you have children or for resale purposes? What degree of safety does an area need to possess? How close do you need to be to groceries, shopping, medical services and other amenities?

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