Part 2 – Purchasing A Piece Of Sunriver Real Estate, Or Real Estate Anywhere For That Matter

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Home In Sunriver

There are many issues to evaluate when considering a Sunriver home purchase including what you can afford, what kind of loan best suits you, the property itself and once you find your dream house, how much you are willing to pay for it… This 5 part series will address these topics and more!

What Type of Loan Structure Works Best For You?

There are many different types of loans available. However, one of the basic decisions you’ll have to make is whether you prefer the predictability of a conventional loan, knowing that your payment will be the same amount each month over the life of the loan, or whether you are comfortable with foregoing the fixed monthly payment for an adjustable loan where the initial interest rate is lower and the monthly payment amount will fluctuate periodically throughout the life of the loan. Both conventional and adjustable loans provide a variety of terms to select from to best meet your needs. A mortgage broker will be able to provide a wealth of information on the various options available as well as determine whether you qualify for any government-backed loan programs. Click here for more in depth information about finding the very best home loan product for your needs.

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