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I’ve written articles in the past regarding Three Rivers & the value potential it has to offer but never written specifically about Oregon Water Wonderland (OWW 2). A previous post of mine about Three Rivers is titled “Finding the Best Value In Central Oregon Real Estate,” you can read it here… Written in 2013, the post discusses how the upper end of the market in Three Rivers was poised to take flight but does not talk much about what makes Oregon Water Wonderland or OWW as its also known so special.

A nice mix of lot size, available services & gorgeous terrain with close proximity to area attractions help make Oregon Water Wonderland a very popular area within Three Rivers South Oregon ranging values between 250k to upwards of a million.

Inside Three Rivers South sets Oregon Water Wonderland, a popular residential area of homes all situated on at least 1/2 acre. The famous Deschutes River twists through the quiet neighborhood of sweeping vistas & towering pines – all centrally located to the areas most popular recreation like Mt Bachelor, the Cascade Lakes, Newberry National Volcanic Monument and Sunriver Resort to name just a few!

Oregon Water Wonderland residential area stand out features include…

As Sunriver real estate continues to appreciate & affordability within the popular resort wanes, Oregon Water Wonderlands well balanced community will thrive… Attracting a similar demo to Sunriver; Investment and second home owners, primary residents and retirees will help propel & ensure a robust market for the area just outside Sunriver resort.

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Oregon Water Wonderland

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Easy Steps To Help Protect Your Sunriver Home

Helpful Security Tips To Keep In Mind While Selling Your Home In Sunriver

Blare the sirens-Burglars are usually in and out in less than five minutes, and they know police can’t respond to an alarm that quickly. Their bigger concern is witnesses to their crime. For that reason, an external siren is invaluable, whether as part of a monitored security system or a DIY alarm. Even if you don’t have an alarm, it’s not a bad idea to invest in fake security signs and post them near doors.

Use technology to make your home look occupied-In addition to lighting, smart-home technology has made it easier to make it appear like people are home, even when they’re not. Systems that remotely control lighting, music, and appliances such as a thermostat can help you achieve this. Though not considered smart-home tech, simple lamp timing devices available at hardware stores are also good for this purpose.

Know your neighbors-Many people don’t really know their neighbors; it’s more than just saying hi and being friendly. Invite them over to see your home before it goes on the market, and introduce them to the people they may see regularly stopping by during this time (especially your agent). Then they’ll know who is and isn’t supposed to be at your home and can better assess when there may be a threat while you’re gone.

Maintain your property-Especially in the wintertime, many people stay indoors and neglect issues such as peeling trim or an overgrown yard. But if the home looks unkempt, thieves may think it’s abandoned and, therefore, an easy target. Shoveling your walkways to clear them of snow and debris and removing holiday decorations and fallen tree branches in a timely manner will signal that the home is occupied.

Mark your valuables and record details-Use invisible-ink pens or engravers to mark identifying information (driver’s license or state ID numbers) on items. Log serial numbers and take photos of your belongings. Check to see if your police department participates in the Operation Identification program. They will have stickers for you to place on doors or windows warning would-be thieves that your items are marked. These steps may prevent them from pawning or selling stolen items and can help you reclaim recovered belongings.

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