Own Sunriver Real Estate or Rent It… Part 1

Should You Purchase or Rent a Home In Sunriver?

There are many factors to be considered when deciding to move to a new location with the first critical decision being whether to purchase some property or rent. Depending upon your circumstances, it may either be a clear-cut decision or one that requires a more thorough analysis to make that determination. These circumstances will be disscussed in this three part series over the next couple of days… Enjoy part 1! 

Factors to Consider

Career – For some individuals, it may not be practical to purchase property if their career will require them to relocate frequently. Although some people have the resources and inclination to accumulate property each time they move, for most of us that is either not an option or would be an undesirable outcome to find ourselves in the role of landlord. For the majority of us, that means we need to sell property each time we move, so careful analysis is required to determine whether it is better to buy or rent property for the duration of the assignment. One item to consider is that it generally takes 3 – 5 years under average real estate market conditions to reach the break even point for recouping the closing costs incurred at the time of purchase. Individual situations will vary, but in a stagnant real estate market it will take longer to realize enough in property appreciation to cover the transaction costs related to acquiring and selling property.

Property Resale – Not all Sunriver properties or real estate markets are equal when it comes time to sell property. Factors to weigh include the typical length of time it takes to sell property in your area or the area you are interested in which you are interested, and if there is something unique about the property (price range, location, size) that you are interested in that would make it either easier or harder to sell. Whether or not you have relocation benefits available to you through an employer if you are unable to sell your property may also be a factor.

Finances – The purchase of a Sunriver property typically involves significant upfront cash outlays: pre-purchase inspections, a down payment and closing costs. Equally important is whether or not sufficient income is available to cover the mortgage/escrow payments while still having enough income to adequately take care of other living expenses, car payments as well as saving for retirement. The lack of sufficient funds may quickly eliminate any thought of purchasing property and dictate that in the interim renting, living with family members or some other living arrangement will be required until enough funds can be saved.

Relationship Status – Personal relationships can play an important part in deciding to purchase property. Engaged or newly married couples often are looking to establish a single common property on which to build their future together. Single or newly divorced adults may not be ready or interested in making a long-term obligation to a specific location and prefer to leave their options open as they pursue relationships, careers, other interests and hobbies.

Personal Preference – While some people feel a strong need to own property, others don’t want the responsibility of maintaining property (especially in Sunriver which has occasional heavy winters) and prefer to simply pick up the phone at the first sign of any possible trouble and have someone else be responsible for remedying the issue at hand.

In the next part of this three part series we will examine the benefits of home ownership in Sunriver…

In the mean time, did you have questions or comments? Comments are heavily encouraged and are a good way to gain feedback on thoughts you may be having about the topic. Also, if you have a specific question or thought, please email me and it will be my pleasure to be of resource.

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