New Carbon Monoxide Laws Affect Sunriver Area Real Estate

Carbon Monoxide Laws

2009 Oregon Legislature forged new ground regarding Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors inside numerous types of residential units. The legislature, referred to as the Lofgren and Zander Memorial Act has been in affect since July 1st, 2010 in some shape form or fashion. Generally the new legislature addresses the necessity of CO detectors in areas where CO is produced. For Example, a attached garage with a door would be considered a producer of CO.

Regarding Real Estate specifically the CO detectors will affect real estate sales and escrow/slash closing procedures by forcing one of the parties to the transaction (typically the seller) to outfit the piece of real estate being sold with the needed CO detectors. More than likely these issues will arise at time of inspection during the escrow period of a real estate transaction. For more specific information regarding this topic please visit this link, hosted by the Oregon Real Estate Agency.

A thank you goes out to Thesa Chambers for her ongoing concern and awareness of current legislature affecting the real estate markets of the Sunriver, LaPine, Three Rivers South, Caldera Springs, Crosswater, and Bend areas. She was nice enough to share the above mentioned information and link with her Prudential Northwest Properties Real Estate Broker Team. Visit her on the web at .

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6 Responses to New Carbon Monoxide Laws Affect Sunriver Area Real Estate

  1. Thanks for the kudos Kyle, today I was showing property and saw a bank owned home with a new monitor – reading the instructions may be a good idea too – this alarm was above my head about 6 feet up the wall…. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air – so they should be placed lower I would think – have not read up completely on them – but the ones I have seen that plug in say to place in an outlet near the floor –

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the good info, does that mean banks are trying to address th CO detector issue before closing? Or was that home in escrow and than fell out? It always seems like banks almost refuse to address any issues with the home, the often coined “as-is” term comes to mind.

      Thanks again Thesa

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