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Sunriver Real Estate Housing Market

With the downed housing market everyone is asking Sunriver real estate agents about the current state of the housing market in Sunriver… Its not a bad or dumb question either, the Sunriver market can be complex… My answers can vary a little based on the nature of the conversation but here are some common threads that run through all my responses…

  • Sunriver real estate is like everywhere else right now to a certain extent, the housing market is down in general.
  • Sunirver home values are way down but not quite as low as other areas.
  • The inventory of Sunriver homes for sale is large, much lot larger than it has been historically. If a home is not the most attractive or best priced within its own mini market than it may sit on the market for quiet some time.
  • Interest Rates are at the lowest historical point since record keeping.
  • We may be near a “bottom” of the market but we may not be there. Finding the bottom of the market is not as critical as one might think. The bottom is going to come and go quicker than anyone will be able to measure. Remember, interest rates may surge once the bottom of the market is reached and you may lose ground instead of gaining on your overall loan/investment.
  • Now Now Now would be the ideal time to bye in Sunriver. 1. Low interest rates 2. Home values in the area drmatically decreased since the overall downturn of the economy 3. Huge inventory to find the home of your dreams. Once the “bottom” is reached the inventory will shrink quick, limiting your options.

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