How Do Sunriver Property Taxes Work – Deschustes County Property Tax Info

Deschutes County Property Tax Information

Deschutes County property taxes are facilitated by the Deschutes County Assessor. The Deschutes County Assessors Office is tasked with identifying all taxable property within the county, assigning a value to taxable property in Deschutes County and finally, establishing the amount of property tax owed by each taxable property.

Deschutes County taxes Sunriver property in the same fashion as the rest of the county, with a few exceptions. Deschutes County includes areas like Bend, La Pine, Three Rivers South, Redmond etc… Although all properties in Deschutes County are taxed similarly, you will still notice differences when comparing property tax statements amongst the different areas within Deschutes County (See Bend & Sunriver tax statements below)…

 Deschutes County Property Tax Statement Bend & Sunriver Property Tax Statement

The property tax statement on the left is for a home in Bend while the property tax statement on the right is for a Sunriver home. As you can see there are some line items that are not exactly the same (notice the top right hand corner of property tax statement(s)…  The Sunriver home is taxed for the Sunriver Library while the home in Bend is taxed for the Bend Library. Also, the Sunriver home is taxed for being in the “Sunriver Service District,” which provides fire and police service to the Sunriver community whereas the home located in Bend is not taxed for the “Sunriver Service District.”

When reviewing a property tax statement, understand that the line items (in the upper right hand corner of the tax statement) are largely dictated by where the property is located within Deschutes County and the area specifics of that location. Examples would be the Sunriver Service District, Rural Fire Districts, area specific amenities etc…

Deschutes County Property Tax FAQ

  • Property taxes in Deschutes County average between 1-1.5% of the Deschutes County Assessors “total assessed value.”
  • The year in which a home is built in Deschutes County can greatly impact its total annual tax amount.
  • Measure 50 largely impacts how property taxes are calculated in Oregon and was passed by Oregon Voters in 1996. Read how measure 50 changed property taxes in Oregon here.
  • Measure 50 dictates that Deschutes County maintain two values for taxable properties, “real market” and “maximum assessed.”
  • Property taxes are calculated using the lowest value between the assessors “real market” and the measure 50 created “maximum assessed” values.
  • The “maximum assessed” value is increased by 3% each year.

Deschutes County Property Tax Statement Information & Further Reading

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Measure 50 Horizontal Inequities

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