How are new appraisal rules hampering the difficult Sunriver Real Estate Market…

Are new appraisal rules hampering the difficult Sunriver Oregon Real Estate Market?

Recently I came across a article found on MSNBC’s MSN Website. It regards the appraisal process of real estate and how some new regulations are creating a challenge for qualified buyers to actually complete a home purchase.

Generally the article talks about how the real estate collapse prompted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to tighten appraisal regulations, a attempt to protect themselves from undesireable loans. They did acheive some bolstered protection from loose loaning institutions, however they also slowed down the real estate recovery in the process. Now it seems as though the government is adressing the issue in a attempt to better and more appropriatley protect themselves, which is a major positive for the real estate industry. How quickly the fix/solution will come is TBD.

Read the whole article at MSNBC’s website here


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