Housing, Real Estate & The Green Revolution, Part 5 – Additional Energy Sources

Additional Energy Sources & The Green Revolution

Solar – once thought of as an “alternative” source of energy, solar panels are gaining popularity. Solar panels remain an expensive option; however, their cost has dropped significantly over the last number of years, making them less cost prohibitive. Although solar panels will work in any climate, sunnier locations will result in higher productivity. To encourage the installation of solar panels, governmental agencies as well as some utilities have created different incentive and rebate programs to lower the cost.

Wind – although not practical for the average home owner due to its high installation costs ($40,000 or more), it does remain an option for those located in areas with sufficient wind and land resources. Generally, a home tower will produce between 8,000 – 18,000 kWh per year given sufficient air movement and requires being located on at least an acre of land.

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