Flooding Expected Along Little and Big Deschutes River(s)

Update 2/19/14: Sunriver Oregon experiences minor flood event. The Register Guard reports that the situation has improved, read their full story here. The Sunriver Owners Association (aka SROA) posted this brief report on their website detailing the timeline of events…

“On February 12 at approximately 3:57pm Sunriver Police and Fire received a report of moderate water flow (runoff) in the area of Timber, Tamarack and Juniper Lanes.

Upon arrival, it was found that there was significant water flow from snow melting on the east side of the Burlington Northern Railroad tracks, in an open field south of Penhollow Lake. Over one foot of snow was still on the ground and melting at a moderate rate. This, coupled with continual rainfall, backed up and then began to flow under the railroad tracks, heading west into Sunriver.

No evacuations occurred. Crews were on scene assessing appropriate mitigation measures to further divert the water flow.

The waters have subsided around homes located on Timber, Tamarack and Juniper Lanes. The flow of water from east of the railroad tracks into the Sunriver neighborhoods has decreased to a low, manageable flow.

Homes still vulnerable to flooding should be sandbagged as more wet weather is expected.”

Deschutes County Sherriff Office Media Release

Flooding Expected Along Little Deschutes and Deschutes Rivers

On 02-16-14, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office became aware of high water flows along the Little Deschutes River in the La Pine area.  Based on information from the Deschutes Basin Water Master, we expect flooding to increase that could affect homes over the next few days.

Residents of La Pine along the Little Deschutes River to the confluence with the Deschutes River should begin making preparations for high water that will likely affect homes.  The water will continue to rise peaking over the next few hours.

Residents in the Tumalo area along the Deschutes River will likely see high water peaking sometime on Monday night through Tuesday morning.  Tumalo residents along the Deschutes River should begin making preparations for high water that could affect homes.

Preparations include:

  • Move valuables to higher ground, or higher floors
  • Prepare a disaster kit.  For more information see: www.ready.gov
  • Prepare for evacuation as necessary
  • Avoid walking or driving through high water

Other areas may see high water, but the primary watch locations are mentioned above.

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Management is coordinating with the Deschutes Basin Water Master and their partners to monitor and respond to this event.  Deschutes County Sheriff’s Deputies and Search and Rescue Volunteers are preparing to offer assistance.

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office requests unneeded sandbags distributed on Friday, February 14th be returned to the Riverwoods Country Store to be used other parts of the county.

Information updates will be provided as the situation develops.

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