Central Oregon Real Estate | In Danger Of Bursting Its Bubble

Central Oregon Real Estate Market Information

After the national recession and corresponding housing collapse, subsequent years have shown the housing market to be well on the way to a more vibrant state. A vibrant real estate market has helped Central Oregon (Deschutes County) home values to appreciate more than 20% over the last calendar year (2013). Comparing Central Oregon’s awesome rate of appreciation with the nations more modest home price appreciation of 7.7 last year, prompts questions about the vigor and future of Central Oregon real estate

Are we in the midst of another Central Oregon housing bubble?

About 8 years ago (circa 2006) a Bend resident named Bill Valentine famously named the real estate bubble that would become the housing collapse. Valentine showed confidence in his assumption by selling his home for more than a 150% gain just five years after purchasing the home! At the time, loads of conflicting data made real estate professionals scoff at Valentine and the large majority of the public dismissed the observation of a looming housing collapse. Valentines observation polarized the Bend community and in turn the Bend Bulletin wrote a article about the real estate market, Valentines observation and what it could mean for Central Oregon residents.

You can read the full article “Real Estate Contrarian,” HERE!

We are well aware of how the last 5-10 years has played out in the real estate market and are all probably thrilled that we are beginning to see that housing crash in our collective rear view mirrors. Now, with Central Oregon Real Estate stats easily outpacing national averages the question arises…

Is Central Oregon In The Midst Of Another Real Estate Housing Bubble?

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