Central Oregon Destination Resorts Develop Post Recession

Caldera SpringsIn the years leading up to the real estate boom it seemed like a brand new, so called destination resort was being built in to existence every couple years. Central Oregon Resorts like Tetherow, Brasada Ranch, Eagle Crest and Prong Horn were created all offering world class golf along side Central Oregon’s incredible Alpine Mountain & High Desert surroundings. When the housing market collapsed and the economy sputtered all of the resort development slowed dramatically.

Brasada Ranch EntranceAs we moved further in to the recession, these newly established resorts continued to struggle, eventually stopping development completely or going to foreclosure. Now as the recovery continues these destination resorts are making their comeback and most have continued their development and or expansion.

The Bend Bulletin recently released a article briefing the current dynamic of Central Oregon destination resorts. The article offers interesting insight to economic and legislative issues affecting the development of Central Oregon resort real estate. Differing viewpoints on the development of destination resorts within Central Oregon are also discussed in the news article.

Read the Bend Bulletin’s full article titled “The future of destination resorts in Central Oregon…”

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