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How Prudential Northwest Properties-Sunriver and Northwest Negotiation Services Can Help You Obtain A Short Sale

Please read if you have recently received a notice of default from Deschutes County and are in need of helpful information and guidance. Prudential Northwest Properties have partnered with Northwest Negotiation Services to offer a timely and worthwhile real estate service.

For over five decades Prudential Northwest Properties has served clients in the Pacific Northwest Area with a heavy focus on providing unparalleled service with emphasis upon integrity, accountability, and personal responsibility.

In an attempt to move forward and deliver progressive and valuable service to the area, Prudential Northwest Properties has teamed up with Northwest Negotiation Services. Northwest Negotiation Services is a company that will help you determine if a short sale might be a sensible solution to your real estate hardship.

Generally a short sale is a real estate option that may be available to you. More specifically, it is an agreement between you and your home mortgage lender that could alleviate the negatives associated with home foreclosure. Most importantly it is never too late to look into a possible short sale.

The benefit of working with Northwest Negotiation Services via Prudential Northwest Properties is a dedicated team of professionals, which specialize in fostering the typically difficult and long process of obtaining a short sale approval from your lender, bank, or mortgage holder. If a short sale is a feasible option for your defaulted property, Northwest Negotiations averages a timeframe between 45 and 120 days to obtain a short sale approval from your mortgage holder and in turn complete the sale, once you have a purchase offer for the subject property.

  • Of short sale situations deemed viable, Northwest Negotiations boasts an 80% lender approved short sale rate.
  • Northwest Negotiations and Prudential Northwest Properties vows complete transparency throughout the entire short sale process, with weekly updates on progress.
  • Chief focus on releasing you the home owner from all financial obligations of the mortgage.
  • If we cannot help you, we will identify who can and refer them to you. Whether it an attorney, tax advisor, or loan modification expert.
  • Prudential Northwest Properties and Northwest Negotiations offer this special service at no extra cost to you.

There can be a light at the end of the tunnel, together Prudential Northwest Property and Northwest Negotiations can help you get there! For more information on the short sale process, real estate foreclosures, notices of defaults, and how we can help, please contact our team.

Who we are…Mary Hoak and Kyle Hoak, Licensed Real Estate Brokers in the State of Oregon, a mother and son team. We work for Prudential Northwest Properties which offers convenient office locations in Bend, Sunriver, and Prineville. Our home office is the Sunriver Branch, but we work from all of our offices. We have enjoyed and or lived in the area for over 20 years. Together we look forward to hearing from you and being of service.

Sincerely, Mary Hoak and Kyle Hoak

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