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A Snapshot of Price Per Square Foot Within Sunriver

Sunriver HomeEver wonder what the price per square foot means in a specific area of real estate? It can be looked at many ways depending on your perspective, as a seller, buyer or real estate professional.  Let’s look at some facts within Sunriver, more specifically additions or subdivisions within Sunriver and how those areas differ in price per square foot, days on market, age of homes and sales price % vs list price. The snapshot included 7 additions that were not heavily influenced by the river, airport, etc. as I wanted areas that were more typical. Let’s look at the numbers since January 2015 through May 28th 2015 and see what they tell us.

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Highest price per square foot on an average is Fairway Point Village however that addition didn’t bring the highest sales price percentage verses list price, that ranking went to Deer Park which also fell in the top three of price per square foot.  Least number of days on market went to Fairway Crest Village which ranked second in price per square foot as well as sales price percentage verses list price. All three of the number one rankings were also among the newer homes within these additions. What does this mean? It depends on if you are selling, buying as a personal residence, buying as a second home, buying as an investment property or as a real estate broker. Interested in investment property in Sunriver, please contact Team Hoak, we can provide you with the necessary data that will help you to make the best decision for your needs.

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