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HomeownersWhether you are buying, selling or just a concerned homeowner then you have probably wondered about home warranties and the potential benefits. The effectiveness of a home warranty comes down to the expense compared to potential savings…

Berkshire Hathaway Sunriver AgentAs a Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate Agent, my suggestion to clients buying a home is to (have your agent) find out information about the home systems and appliances by asking the seller (listing agent) to provide information about any and all maintenance performed to the home, including replaced parts/items. A home inspection will also shed light on the remaining life of specific home components. Once you and your agent have gathered information about the home you are interested in purchasing, a more informed decision regarding a home warranty can be made. Many home buyers I represent choose to decline the opportunity to purchase a home warranty as part of their home purchase and decide to handle broken appliances or required maintenance as it arises. With that said, I’ve had more than one client make the decision to forego a home warranty and then call me a few months after closing and ask if they can add a home warranty because a appliance or home component failed… The answer is Yes and No… a home warranty only applies to home systems/appliances that are in good working order at the time the warranty is purchased.

As a seller a home warranty can be a effective marketing tool and a piece of mind to potential buyers that you have maintained your home well. Berkshire Hathaway offers a free home warranty to home owners listing their home for sale via Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Northwest Real Estate. Anyone listing their home with a Berkshire American Home Shield | Home Warranty CompanyHathaway Home Services Northwest real estate agent receives a FREE AHS (American Home Shield) HOME WARRANTY! As an example…

I thought I would tell you all a good story about the American Home Shield home warranty plan our company has in place for our listings.  I have a listing that is closing escrow at the end of the month…we have the AHS plan on it.  The home inspector stated in his report that the HVAC unit needed to be inspected by a licensed HVAC contractor.  The contractor went out and found that the compressor was not working at all and cannot be repaired.  The quote is almost $4,000!  The seller paid a lot in other repairs and isn’t making much to begin with on proceeds.  So, I called AHS to put in a claim for service and I just found out that they have ordered a brand new compressor and they are covering the entire thing!  My closing is going to happen after all…and on time!  My point is…it PAYS to be associated with BHHS!” -Unsolicited Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Northwest Real Estate Agent Testimonial Regarding Complimentary AHS Home Warranty Seller Program.

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